«Il futuro è già qui, è solo distribuito male»

William Gibson

giovedì 22 giugno 2017

Robots across Europe help children with disabilities play

A network of 100 practitioners and researchers from 32 European countries is promoting the use of robots and other assistive technologies that help children with disabilities play on their own or with other children.
Educators, psychologists, therapists and engineers teamed up to achieve a common vision: changing mentalities and creating the right conditions for children with disabilities to simply be able to play. They have also set up a database of assistive technologies  used in hospitals and homes across the continent.
For instance, robot Teo plays with a girl with Down syndrome: she makes up a game to interact with the robot, then shows it to other children. She had never interacted with others prior to this session. Teo won the Kazuo Tanie Award in 2016 (KROG project, Politecnico di Milano)

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